Best Music Player App in 2018

There are not so many applications left for listening to music. Most of those that would be convenient for use in the CIS, had a link to VK and were deleted within two weeks after appearing in iTunes. Others - high-quality and convenient - are often not supported on the territory of our country. Apple, who announced the battle applications for normal listening to tracks, do everything to please their new service - Music. We do not give up trying to listen to music without hindrance. 


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The application uses the Yandex database and offers more than 20 million tracks to listen. You can get recommendations or choose new items from the world of music. Also there is a function of downloading tracks for listening without connecting to the Internet. The application can be downloaded for free, but subscription for using the music database costs about $ 3.

LazyTool 2

The application with support for music from VK, cunningly hidden from the eyes of all-seeing iTunes. To install it on your phone, you will have to download the file from the official site of the application. Moroka with the installation is worth it - you have on your phone will be a powerful player, where music can be sorted according to taste preferences, get recommendations and search for the necessary tracks, read the lyrics. The application is free.

Vkontakte Ultimate

A beautiful player with a link to the VK playlist. You can put on your phone or tablet. To listen to music lists are offered not only your profile, but also profiles of friends or groups, as well as tracks can be searched in the search engine. All music will remain available and offline, and still listened to songs can be scrolled to The only drawback is the installation. Also, like the previous application, you need to download it from the official site and install it yourself.

Music VK from Youtube

An easier way to trick iTunes is to map a playlist from VK c available in Youtube to listen to tracks. All works well, but there is one drawback - you'll still have to listen to music from the video resource through clips to the songs. And this means - foreign sounds on the track, like conversations or audio effects, will interfere.

A good audio resource, available in both the browser version and the phone. It's good that often you can find not only music on it, but also podcasts, recordings of speeches or lectures. It is also actively used in our country, which means it contains more domestic and relevant content. It is popular all over the world, it is available for download for free.

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